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With over 6,000 live sports matches a month and increasing every month it is easy to see why IBCbet (now called Nova88) is processing over millions of dollars’ worth of bets every month. IBCBet (now called Nova88) is different from other sports betting companies in that it allows players to bet higher amounts so that they can increase their pay out when winning. Did we also mention that they offer some of the best odds too?

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Nova88/Maxbet/Ibcbet - Best Online Sports Betting Malaysia

Why go down to your local betting shop or sit on your phone to your bookie and his sport book and miss out on a whole world of live sporting events and the chance to win millions? Let the casino come into your home where you can have the world at your fingertips. Relax with your favorite drink, watch the odds and place your bets when you like. Withdraw your winnings twice a day and have non-stop fun through the night.

The biggest and best online betting platform in Asia is available and ali88winmy.com offers over 6,000 live sports events around the globe, with live feed, real-time odds, handicaps, player statistics, club league fixtures and so many facts and figures, to give you the best chance of placing that perfect, winning bet.

Not only can you bet on your favorite sports around the world but while you are waiting for your results to come through, spice up your day even more and have a go at the live casino. Try your hand at the slots or casino games like baccarat, roulette, blackjack, sic bo. You’ll have access to live dealers, no deposit and unlimited play. Take advantage of the 100% Welcome Bonus Package when you join the Ali88win.


IBCbet (Now called Maxbet) allows higher betting amounts to the punters so that the payouts are bigger, making this one of the unique betting platforms on the Internet. With so many sporting events every day, it is impossible to play all of them or even some, so choose carefully, look at the odds and place your bets. At any given time the following teams are playing. Check out the player’s statistics, the league fixtures, and the odds and watch the live game.

  • SOCCER - 733 Games.
    UEFA Europa League - All games in Europe and UK, Iceland, Lithuania League, Brazil Cup, German Bundesliga, Scotland Development League , Saudi Arabia King of Champions, Torneo Viareggio (Italy)
  • BASKETBALL – 65 Games
    NBA Championships - Across the USA, NCAA Men’s Basketball
    Australian Rules Football League, BASEBALL - Across the USA
  • HOCKEY- 29 Games
    Kontinental Hockey League - Across the USA
  • NHL
    Sweden Hockey League, Czech Republic Extraliga
  • TENNIS – 43 Games
    ATP-BNP Paribas Open, WTA – San Antonia Open
  • VOLLEYBALL – 23 Games
    Netherlands,France,Germany,Finland,Czech Republic,Serbia,Beach Volleyball

The world of SportBook betting got a whole lot bigger but has also brought the world of sports betting right into your living room. You can bet on teams that you never imagined betting on before and the excitement of the changing odds, the live feed of the statistics and player positions, injuries and suspensions, makes this the most exciting way of spending your time.

Whatever types of betting you do with a live bookie, you can do on IBCbet/Maxbet SportBook. Spread your bets across the board, take combinations, bet on more than one team at a time or stick with your favorite. The odds are calculated for you, your potential winnings whether you are for or against and all of these can be seen with live feeds to the sports events.

Catch the excitement of seeing the games live and shout them on knowing that you too will be the winner at the end of the day! Download the most exciting Malaysia Online Casino and play on your mobile phone wherever you are. Keep up to date with the latest events and place your bets in real time so you won’t miss the important kick-off or team changes.

You will be playing against the best in the business – experienced players and newcomers so hone your skills with our online Casino before venturing out into the real world. You will find the array and variety of games here will more than make up for not being ‘out there’. ali88winmy.com is a fully licensed casino with the best banking facilities and security. These games are strictly for players over the age of 18-years and when the player joins, he has to state this in the application. The player cannot play for a third party and he should only use money that is legally his. Photographic proof of the player’s identity needs to be produced on withdrawal of winnings. It is good policy to read through the Terms and Conditions of playing so that there are no misunderstanding.

We are affiliated with Maybank, Pbb, Hong Leong Bank and CIMB Bank. You can withdraw your winnings and have it deposited directly into the bank of your choice. There are banking fees as with any banking institution and payouts could be delayed if the banks are offline or if you are far back in the queue.

If everyone keeps to the rules of the ali88winmy.com casino, everyone will have the most wonderful gambling experience. Take advantage of the daily bonuses, the joining and winning bonuses, the free games and the free trial playing with virtual money before depositing your real money.

Live odds, live bets, live entertainment and all the excitement found in real physical casinos with the added bonus that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Play anytime you like, play as much or as little as you like, you are your own master and you decide what is best for you and your pocket. Have a Casino weekend with a group of friends and watch the live games together and lay your bets against your friends or form a syndicate and lay larger bets and win bigger!

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